With Our Thanks:

-Former Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz
-Former NY City Councilman Michael C. Nelson

Councilmembers: -Darlene Mealy, Stephen Levin, Chaim Deutsch, David Greenfield

-Jim Goldman, Charles Diker, Lloyd Handwerker, Hon Alice Fisher Rubin, Lowell Rubin, Raoul Felder bhs-logo2

Brooklyn Jewish People in Photos

August 3, 2015

Some of the Better Known Jews from Brooklyn [Show slideshow]

The Arts

January 3, 2013

Brooklyn is famous for its writers, as well as its visual and performing artists. Much of the latter talent has been forged through the public high school system. “SING,” an annual Brooklyn high school tradition of student-run musical theater production, which was started by a music teacher at Midwood High School in Brooklyn in 1947, [more …]The Arts

Synagogues and Jewish Centers

December 18, 2012

Brooklyn synagogues are important centers for Jewish communities. For generations, synagogues in Europe and the Middle East were primarily for adult male prayer and study. In the US, they began to expand their roles to include other spiritual, cultural and educational activities for the whole family. The synagogue became a place to congregate, to celebrate [more …]Synagogues and Jewish Centers

My Brooklyn Jewish Experience

Growing up as a Jew in Brooklyn involved unique experiences. It could have been playing stickball in the one of the borough’s many parks, enjoying the beaches of Coney Island in the summer, playing street games after school, taking in a Brooklyn Dodgers game or weekend matinees.

Whatever it was, we would love to hear [more …]My Brooklyn Jewish Experience

Brooklyn’s Changing Neighborhoods a Reflection of Jewish Diversity and Immigration

February 6, 2017

By Sarina Roffé

Neighborhoods in Brooklyn are a direct reflection of the changing ethnicities and religions of the people who live in them. During the last 100 or so years, Brooklyn has embraced Jews from all over the world, and holds first place for having the largest Jewish population on the planet.

Brighton [more …]Brooklyn’s Changing Neighborhoods a Reflection of Jewish Diversity and Immigration

In Remembrance of Henry Foner

January 30, 2017

By Joe Dorinson

Contact with Henry Foner, an outstanding union leader, political activist, and talented musician, resulted from my bid to honor Jackie Robinson with a major conference at LIU Brooklyn, then my home away from home for thirty years. With a modest budget, I tried to get a galaxy of baseball luminaries, journalists, writers, [more …]In Remembrance of Henry Foner

An Interview With The First Hasidic Woman Elected To Public Office In The U.S.

January 9, 2017

Judge Rachel Freier. (Jordan Rathkopf)

In September, attorney and Hasidic community activist Rachel Freier won a contested primary for a civil court judgeship in Brooklyn’s 5th Judicial District. Freier easily carried the November general election, and this week she took her seat on the bench as a civil court judge. Freier, who attended Touro [more …]An Interview With The First Hasidic Woman Elected To Public Office In The U.S.

Samuel Leibowitz: A Mentsch for All Seasons

December 8, 2016

By Joe Dorinson

The recent death of civil rights lawyer Jack Greenberg as reported in the New York Times (Obit, Oct. 13, 2016) recalls the once close, though later frayed link between American Jews and African-Americans in the common quest for social justice. After our successful second induction ceremony into the BJHI Hall of Fame, [more …]Samuel Leibowitz: A Mentsch for All Seasons

Fyvush Finkel – Will Always Be Remembered

August 17, 2016

BJHI celebrates the life of Fyvush Finkel. We are honored we could induct him into the Class of 2015 Brooklyn Jewish Hall of Fame. A real Brooklynite, who was wise, entertaining and downright funny. We will always love him.

Muhammad Ali

June 8, 2016

by Joe Dorinson

In song, Bob Dylan declared: “The times–they are [were] a-changing.” Joe Louis fell out of favor in the 1960s, a turbulent period of jangling discord and generational conflict. Images collided in this decade: love beads, miniskirts, Beatlemania, bombing in Birmingham, marching to Selma, setting sun in Alabama; rising sun in Japan. Out [more …]Muhammad Ali

Memorial Day 2016

May 31, 2016


7 Syrian Community Soldiers Killed in World War II and A Prayer for the United States Armed Forces


On Memorial Day, as we think about our Nation’s fallen soldiers, those brave individuals who died protecting us from threats foreign and domestic, and protecting and liberating others from the threats that faced them, let [more …]Memorial Day 2016

Growing Up in Gravesend

April 25, 2016

By Steve Slavin

Untitled, 1923, V1974.1.617; Eugene L. Armbruster Photograph and Scrapbook Collection; Brooklyn Historical Society. Neck Road looking west toward Gravesend Avenue, Old Gravesend Inn on northwest corner of Gravesend Ave.

Back in the 1950s there were dozens of Reform temples scattered throughout what we called Flatbush. The closest to where I lived [more …]Growing Up in Gravesend

Frank Sinatra’s Pride, Passion and Politics

December 11, 2015

By Joe Dorinson

Our house, the Bible teaches, is one of many mansions. Frank Sinatra whose 100th birthday we celebrate this Saturday, December 12, 2015 began his great ascent to the room at the top in 1935 when he broke into show business on Major Bowes’s Amateur Hour. His rise, over Judy Garland’s rainbow, personifies [more …]Frank Sinatra’s Pride, Passion and Politics

My Friend Louie

December 8, 2015

Submitted by Bill Morgenstern

It was 1933 in the middle of the depression. Sam, my father had found out in October, 1929 that his entire fortune was wiped out. He would need to liquidate his successful curtain rod factory with 600 employees to pay for the margin call.

Although Sam was a moderately religious [more …]My Friend Louie