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-Former Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz
-Former NY City Councilman Michael C. Nelson

Councilmembers: -Darlene Mealy, Stephen Levin, Chaim Deutsch, David Greenfield

-Jim Goldman, Charles Diker, Lloyd Handwerker, Hon Alice Fisher Rubin, Lowell Rubin, Raoul Felder bhs-logo2

Brooklyn’s Changing Neighborhoods a Reflection of Jewish Diversity and Immigration

By Sarina Roffé

Neighborhoods in Brooklyn are a direct reflection of the changing ethnicities and religions of the people who live in them. During the last 100 or so years, Brooklyn has embraced Jews from all over the world, and holds first place for having the largest Jewish population on the planet.

Brighton [more …]Brooklyn’s Changing Neighborhoods a Reflection of Jewish Diversity and Immigration

My Friend Louie

Submitted by Bill Morgenstern

It was 1933 in the middle of the depression. Sam, my father had found out in October, 1929 that his entire fortune was wiped out. He would need to liquidate his successful curtain rod factory with 600 employees to pay for the margin call.

Although Sam was a moderately religious [more …]My Friend Louie

BJHI Bike Tours

Author, tour guide and veteran teacher Ellen Levitt has created and conducted two bicycle tours for the Brooklyn Jewish Historical Initiative. A lifelong resident of Brooklyn, and the author of the trilogy The Lost Synagogues of New York City (Avotaynu), Levitt conducted her tour “Lost Synagogues of Greater Brownsville”, on Sunday, June 14; and her [more …]BJHI Bike Tours

Summer of 1961 at East 42nd Street between Church and Snyder – Flatbush

By Bruce Friedman

The doorbell rang and I ran down the stairs skipping two steps at a time, then jumped to the landing, yelling: “It’s for me!” My father waited for me at the bottom of the stairs: “How many times do I have to tell you. You don’t have to come down like a [more …]Summer of 1961 at East 42nd Street between Church and Snyder – Flatbush

Growing up in Bensonhurst

Sarina Roffe, interviewed May 30, 2012, Brooklyn Borough Hall:

My favorite memories from growing up in Bensonhurst are playing street ball and street games with our Italian neighbors. I lived on 69th Street between 21st Avenue and Bay Parkway, and all of the kids, and all my cousins would go to the Marboro Theater, and [more …]Growing up in Bensonhurst


by Sonny Crane

Hi, As a young boy growing up on Kings Highway in the 50’s, the apartment building we lived in was an eclectic mix of families and quite special. One of the joys I had from my father was his stories of growing up in Brownsville with his father and him running CRANES [more …]CRANES POTATO CHIP STAND

Schmatehs and Cinemas in Brownsville

by Bernard Braginsky, 80

I lived in Brownsville from my birth in 1934 to age 18 in 1953, when my family moved to the tree shaded streets of East Flatbush. Now, at age 80, I think of Brownsville and the people I loved there. My family lived in a railroad apartment in a four story [more …]Schmatehs and Cinemas in Brownsville

Community Making Sense of 7 Senseless Deaths

By Sarina Roffé

No father should have to eulogize his child. Gabriel Sassoon had to eulogize 7 of his 8 children.

“Why seven? Seven beautiful lilies,” cried their anguished father, Gabriel Sassoon, during his eulogy. “So pure. So pure.” Thousands of mourners, including the chief rabbi of Israel, attended the emotional [more …]Community Making Sense of 7 Senseless Deaths

They All Had Faces of Angels

Gayle Sassoon with her children

By Frank Rosario, Kevin Sheehan and Bruce Golding

He wept as he recited the names, saying they are all “angels” now.

A Brooklyn father who suffered the unthinkable loss of seven children when fire ripped through his home brought thousands of mourners to tears Sunday during their funeral.

“They [more …]They All Had Faces of Angels

Gita Gansburg, 86, Role Model, Mentor to Thousands of Young Jewish Women

Originally published on Chabad.org/NEWS

Mrs. Gita Gansburg

Mrs. Gita Gansburg, a longtime role model and mentor to thousands of young Jewish women returning to Jewish tradition, passed away in Brooklyn, N.Y. She was 86 years old.

As “dorm mother” at Machon Chana-Women’s Institute for the Study of [more …]Gita Gansburg, 86, Role Model, Mentor to Thousands of Young Jewish Women