Jerry Domerschick

Nominating: Jerry Domershick

Nominating: Jerry Domershick  I have known Jerry for seventeen years. As Jimmy Cannon said of Joe Louis, “He’s s credit to his race–the human race!” The same applies to Jerry Domershick. Jerry Domershick’s Bio: From the Brooklyn playgrounds to the gyms of Thomas Jefferson High School, Jerry D. was an inspiring leader. As a ballplayer when basketball was Jewish, Jerry was an elusive ball handler, tough defender, and reliable outside… Read More »Nominating: Jerry Domershick

Max Brooks

Mel Brooks and his son explain social distancing for you

Legendary comedian Mel Brooks and his son took to Twitter with a very funny — but also very important — message about social distancing. Mel Brooks, 93, is in the group deemed high risk as the spread of COVID-19 continues due to his age . His son, Max Brooks, said he is practicing social distancing so that his father — nor any of his father’s famous friends and fellow legendary… Read More »Mel Brooks and his son explain social distancing for you

Crane's Chip Stand


by Sonny Crane Hi, As a young boy growing up on Kings Highway in the 50’s, the apartment building we lived in was an eclectic mix of families and quite special. One of the joys I had from my father was his stories of growing up in Brownsville with his father and him running CRANES POTAO CHIP STAND. You could get a hot dog and French fries for 5 cents.… Read More »CRANES POTATO CHIP STAND

Edward G. Robinson

Manny Pierre didn’t know where it came from, he only knew that it came and it helped in oh-so-many ways. The money always arrived with a small short note that simply said, “Keep up the great cause, we will prevail,” and was simply signed, “Manny.” Pierre didn’t know who Manny was – nobody did! Not then anyway, we do now. But this was during World War II when the Black Horror was sweeping Europe. That’s what Manny called it, The Black Horror, & of course he was referring to the Nazi plague that was taking over most of the continent. Pierre was a leader of the French Resistance, commonly called the underground. He fought with groups of French citizens in the best way he could, by living within main society and leading bands of armed resistance against the Germans in clandestine activities. They would ambush German patrols, blow up German installations and sabotage Nazi operations in any way they could. The Allies were good at providing arms and weapons, but the underground also needed money. That was a commodity that was very hard to come by during the war, especially when your country is completely occupied by an invading military force.

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JCH of Bensonhurst

Steven Margolis Branford CT 12/30/2012 I have several remembrances going back to the 60’s of  my time at the JCH of Bensonhurst. I am from New Haven – the New  Haven JCC and the “J” had a fierce basketball rivalry. I was  captain of the New Haven JCC varsity basketball team. When I stepped off  the bus after the two and one half hour ride from New Haven I saw a… Read More »JCH of Bensonhurst