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Nominating: Jerry Domershick

Jerry Domershick
Jerry Domershick

 I have known Jerry for seventeen years. As Jimmy Cannon said of Joe Louis, “He’s s credit to his race–the human race!” The same applies to Jerry Domershick.

Jerry Domershick’s Bio:

From the Brooklyn playgrounds to the gyms of Thomas Jefferson High School, Jerry D. was an inspiring leader. As a ballplayer when basketball was Jewish, Jerry was an elusive ball handler, tough defender, and reliable outside shooter.Throughout high school, college, and the pros, Jerry was noted for his outstanding play, excellent teamwork, and exceptional scoring.

He began his career at Thomas Jefferson High School, where he led his team to the PSAL Championship in 1950 and was elected to the All_Brooklyn team. The next year, Jerry joined Nat Holman’s Beavers at CCNY. When scandal rocked his school and others in NYC, Jerry became captain of the CCNY quintet, an honor he held for an unprecedented three years! He won many honors, capped by selection to the College East-West All-Star Game in Madison Square Garden. Playing an up-tempo, fast break pace, favored by CCNY, he averaged 18 points per game with hard drives to the basket and long distance set shots.

The Milwaukee Bucks drafted him in 1954. Two years later he starred in the Eastern League. When playing days ended, Jerry joined the coaching ranks with a thirteen year stint at his Alma Mater, CCNY. For many years he taught at Brooklyn’s Samuel J. Tilden High School. He was subsequently elected to the CCNY Hall of Fame and the Brownsville [please note] Hall of Fame. He is listed in the Encyclopedia of Jewish Athletes.

Domershick was a long time, devoted member of his synagogue, the Malverne Jewish Center, where he served both as Trustee and Vice-President.

Jerry married his college sweetheart, Terri who gifted him with three children, who in turn produced four grandchildren. During his late wife’s lingering illness, Jerry offered tender, loving care. and vital support.

In this suddenly hot summer of our discontent, I am honored to nominate Jerry Domershick, 87 years young to our BJHI Hall of Fame because he is truly a mensch for all seasons.

Respectfully submitted, Joe Dorinson