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IAC Opens New Hebrew Language Program for Toddlers in Brooklyn

  • by WEDNESDAY, 03 SEPTEMBER 2014 06:38 BY: JV STAFF

IAC KESHET is an after school immersion and dual language program for Hebrew speaking and non-Hebrew speaking children ages 3.5 and older.

IAC KESHET is an after school immersion and dual language program for Hebrew speaking and non-Hebrew speaking children ages 3.5 and older.

KesheTOT, a new offshoot of the popular after-school community educational Hebrew dual-language program IAC-Keshet for families with infants and toddlers from birth until three-and-a-half years old, has just opened registration for its classes at Congregation Mount Sinai in Brooklyn Heights. The first class will take place Saturday, October 11.

The expansion of the Keshet programming has been spearheaded by the support of the Israeli American Council (IAC), the leading Israeli-American organization in the U.S. The program was recently named IAC-Keshet ahead of a major expansion to new locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

IAC-Keshet, in addition to its focus on Hebrew language, also explores different aspects of Jewish and Israeli identity, helping students make a strong connection to Israel. The new IAC-KesheTOT program is designed specifically for families with younger children, newborns through age three and a half, to begin the development of their Hebrew skills and knowledge of their Jewish and Israeli heritage at an earlier age. Each session includes open play time, music and movement. IAC KesheTOT is conducted exclusively in Hebrew and run by Israeli teachers, and yet the unique program is a great fit for Hebrew speakers and non-Hebrew speakers alike.

The continued development and expansion of new IAC-Keshet Programs, which are reaching out to the wider Israeli and Jewish communities, reflects a trend in which Israeli-American programs under the IAC’s leadership are engaging the greater Israeli-American community.

“IAC New York is very proud to add IAC-KesheTot to our educational programs. The IAC-Keshet programs serve as a platform to engage and educate the next generation of Israeli Americans, and KesheTot is an exciting way to instill a knowledge and love of Hebrew language and Israeli identity early in these children’s lives,” said Gil Galanos, IAC New York regional chairman.

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About the IAC:

The Israeli American Council (IAC), the preeminent Israeli-American organization in the United States, seeks to build an active and giving Israeli-American Community in order to strengthen the State of Israel, the next generation, and to provide a bridge to the Jewish-American community. Based in Los Angeles with offices nationwide, the IAC serves an estimated 750,000 Israelis in the U.S. today with a large variety of programs and events for all ages, and supports a wide range of other community non-profit organizations. For more information about the IAC, please visit