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Sandy Wreaks Havoc

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The devastating storm surges and high winds that wreaked havoc on so many

The devastating storm surges and high winds that wreaked havoc on so many as Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the East Coast may well be the largest catastrophe many of us have ever experienced, yet while the disastrous superstorm left a gargantuan trail of destruction in its wake, it still proved to be no match for the most powerful force of all – that of human resilience and the belief that everything in this world happens for a good reason.

Residents of coastal communities including Manhattan Beach, Far Rockaway the Five Towns, Belle Harbor, Long Beach and Seagate are struggling to cope with the staggering losses many of them have endured. Yet despite the lack of housing, running water, electricity and the loss of all their earthly possession, the indomitable spirit of the Jewish soul continues to put its unwavering trust in G-d’s benevolence, vowing to rebuild once again.

Recalling G-d’s biblical promise to Noah that never again would the entire world be flooded, producers Cecelia Margulies and Danny Finkelman, both of whom were evacuated from their homes during Hurricane Sandy, have teamed up once again with a stirring yet hopeful video entitled Sandy’s Ark, in an effort to raise money for Chabad of Seagate, one of the hardest hit communities in the area. Seagate resident Mordechai Ben David recounts his recollections of the hurricane, sharing not only shocking footage of his own home but also his strength and determination that if G-d brought the hurricane we know it is all for the best.

Sandy’s Ark tells the story of the aftermath of a devastating meteorological event, but the most long lasting result of Hurricane Sandy will ultimately be, not the loss of property or the miles of destruction, but the unwavering spirit of New Yorkers, both Jew and non-Jew alike, who rose to the challenge put forth by the superstorm and came out in force to support each other in their time of need.

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