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About the Blog

Welcome to The Brooklyn Jewish Historical Initiative blog!

The history of Brooklyn Jews is long and multifaceted. While much of this history is stored in memory and artifact, a considerable part is presented and preserved in the everyday lives, rituals, and interactions of Brooklyn’s current residents. This blog strives to tie Brooklyn’s Jewish past to its thriving present by chronicling the ongoing accounts of the community through more recent news articles, analyses, biographies, and brief historical narratives. We hope the blog will provide you with points of access to Brooklyn’s complex Jewish history.

If you would like to contribute an important news story, brief history, or article thatis of Brooklyn Jewish interest, please send your submissions of no more than 300 words to, and it will likely appear on the blog.

To submit a personal or family story, please contribute here, or see the “Oral History” section of the website for more information.


All submissions will be reviewed by staff prior to being posted and will be subject to the discretion of BJHI.