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Old Jewish Men

Old Jewish Men – TikTock Sensation

Old Jewish Men TikTok’s ‘Old Jewish Men’ demand cheap lox, public toilets in NYC ‘protests’By Ben BlanchetNY Post Whether it’s the price of lox or public toilets, one of the latest TikTok trends features old dudes kvetching for a cause. “Make lox $2.99 per pound again,” gripe the elderly social media stars of @oldjewishmen, who take videos of the “protests” they stage around the city. The lifestyle brand from director Noah Rinsky,… Read More »Old Jewish Men – TikTock Sensation

African-American Nissim Black for and about Brooklyn’s Jewish community

BREAKING NEWS! FUHGEDDABOUTIT!! BJHI asked for it, we got it!! An upbeat rap ballad sung by internationally famous Chassidic African-American Nissim Black for and about Brooklyn’s Jewish community, and we’re told it will be released this week. We call it “We’re Brooklyn”. BJHI’s chair Howard Teich dreamt it, reached out to legendary Jewish songwriter Cecelia Margules who wrote it, she reached out to the brilliant videographer and director Daniel Finkelman,… Read More »African-American Nissim Black for and about Brooklyn’s Jewish community

Duke Snider

The Duke and Me

By Arnold Abrams Let me tell you about one of the most memorable moments of my life. It happened in September 1956, when I was 17 and Sports Editor of the Lincoln Log, published monthly by Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn. Although they hardly needed publicity, Brooklyn Dodger officials had approved my request to do a feature about the pre-game atmosphere of the team’s Ebbets Field clubhouse. I went… Read More »The Duke and Me

Ben Zion Miller

Cantor’s World

The purpose of the organization is to promote cantorial music and the study of Jewish liturgy through lectures on Jewish prayer and cantorial music. A key goal of cantors World is to continue to promote the role of the cantor in bringing inspiration to the community. See data on Cantors, both in Brooklyn and in New York City. 

Rabbi Miriam Grossman

Kolot Chayeinu |Voices of Our Lives

Rabbi Miriam Grossman is a multi-generational Jewish educator, community organizer, and an energizing leader of Jewish ritual. At the heart of her leadership is the idea that through communal ritual and communal action we all can become more spiritually and politically awake- awake to our inner lives and awake to the world around us. She believes that ritual, learning and action all honor our collective ancestors and their dreams of… Read More »Kolot Chayeinu |Voices of Our Lives

Alan Kalter, longtime announcer for David Letterman dies at 78

JEWISH TELEGRAPHIC AGENCY      BY RON KAMPEAS – OCTOBER 6, 2021 5:13 PM. Alan Kalter and his wife, Peggy, attend “Ninety Years of Gallghers” at Gallaghers Steakhouse in New York City on Nov. 14, 2017. (Patrick McMullan via Getty Images) (JTA) — Alan Kalter, his rabbi said, was a “mensch,” a past temple president who dutifully Zoomed into services throughout the pandemic. Kelter died Monday at 78 at at Stamford Hospital… Read More »Alan Kalter, longtime announcer for David Letterman dies at 78

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