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Ben Zion Miller

Cantor’s World

The purpose of the organization is to promote cantorial music and the study of Jewish liturgy through lectures on Jewish prayer and cantorial music. A key goal of cantors World is to continue to promote the role of the cantor in bringing inspiration to the community. See data on Cantors, both in Brooklyn and in New York City. 

Rabbi Miriam Grossman

Kolot Chayeinu |Voices of Our Lives

Rabbi Miriam Grossman is a multi-generational Jewish educator, community organizer, and an energizing leader of Jewish ritual. At the heart of her leadership is the idea that through communal ritual and communal action we all can become more spiritually and politically awake- awake to our inner lives and awake to the world around us. She believes that ritual, learning and action all honor our collective ancestors and their dreams of… Read More »Kolot Chayeinu |Voices of Our Lives

The Brooklyn Cantorial Project

The Brooklyn Cantorial Project

THE BROOKLYN CANTORIAL PROJECT In partnership with the the American Society for Jewish Music, the Brooklyn Jewish Historical Initiative has developed this exhibit of the history and singing by important Brooklyn cantors, from the “Golden Age Cantorial Singing,” in the early and middle 20th century, to the present day.  Drawing on the resources from its Charlie Bernhaut Collection of Jewish and Cantorial Recordings, the American Society for Jewish Music provides… Read More »The Brooklyn Cantorial Project

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